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We have custom designed post cards, each with individual messages that mark special occasions, anniversaries, important events or special recognitions. These teapostcards are intended for your loved ones, employees, role models or simply friends at a distance. We call them teapostcards as they will include a sample of our luxury tea and an opportunity for you to communicate feeling, no matter how far you may be from your recipient. The cards will feature a spot for you to enter a name of who your postcard is intended for.

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Weight 50 g

Happy Birthday, Happy Valentine's Baby, Hey thank you for being you, Just want you to have a good day, Thank you for letting me buy your new home, Thank you for selling you house with me, The truth is, i miss you, Want you to be warm, You are beautiful to me, You make me complete

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Blueberry Tea, Earl Grey, Passion Fruit, Peaches & Cream, Strawberry Green

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Tea drinking and its traditions have become steeped in cultures around the world for centuries, considered more than a drink and imbued with great significance. Formal tea ceremonies are an integral and meaningful part of society in some countries. The beverage varies widely in how it is prepared and consumed, by the way people who are drinking it interact, and by the visual aspects of the space in which they sit.

Just as with culinary pursuits, creating tea blends is an art. Our signature blend Peaches and Cream is wildly popular, as is our Passion Fruit and Strawberry Green Tea! For ingredients we support local markets and we use only Canadian businesses in blending, packaging and printing our labels. Our teas are sold online and will be in retail stores across the country in places like Metro, Whole Foods and Pusateri’s. Va See means “for you” in Ancient Persian and we are proud to be here for you since 2008.

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